Any native Swedish speakers here?

Might be very far off topic posting it here but since I’m building my new personal site with blocs I’m gonna post it anyway:

I recently moved to Sweden and I’m in the proces of starting my own “företag” doing webdesign. I do not master the Swedish language completely so I was wondering if someone native Swedish could help me out translating just a few pieces of text? Google turned out to be not my friend in this. Just wondering…

Tack så mycket!

OFF Topic [ Sorry ]:

Thats neat, where did you move from?

Not that it helps your translation needs, but I will be in Sweden on an intended long layover (18 hrs) later this month. We’re looking forward to take a quick look around Stockholm. Any can’t miss places?

Ha! more off topicness while being off topic…

I moved from the Netherlands. About your travelling needs: I live about 38 Swedish miles (x10=km) from Stockholm and I haven’t visited it yet. So I’m afraid I can’t help you either. Maybe if any fellow Swedish Bloccers tag along in this topic you find out more?

Lycka till!

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Cool. “Tack för svaret, låter bra”. Again sorry, “Lycka till!” regarding your translation needs.

Hej @Jasper

Jag är svensk :sunglasses:

I’m usually stuffed with work these days but i’ll try try to help you if i can.

Cheers / Johny