Any way to change permissions in Blocs

Hello everyone, Greetings from Hungary…

I have moved some websites to a new webhotel (host) and my only problem so far, is that a send form doesn’t work. In developer tools, under network I see that I have not permissions to the form php file. In forklift I see that the permissions to the folders are 755 while permissions to files are generally set to 644. I guess that means they are not executable. Is there a way to set the permissions on file level in blocs or must that be handled by the service provider.

I also see that on the exported version, on my mac the permissions are the same, and they used to work with the previous provider.

Regards, Jan F.

I don’t think this is a permissions issue. It’s more likely to do with your host not allowing the PHP sendmail function. Many hosts are now insisting that form results can only be sent via SMTP, which Blocs does not currently support as standard. Best to ask your host first, as it could be another issue. Just explain that you have a form in your webpage that needs to be sent via a PHP script, but it isn’t working. They should then be able to tell you what the problem is.

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Thank you Hendon,

It was the provider. I first bought a webhotel without php, when discovering that, I upgraded, but the provider didn’t enable all functionality without me notifying them. Now it seems to be working.