Any way to make crop images directly in the app instead of

So, I think I have asked this question version in the previous version and answer I was given was more in the realms of coding and changing this and that, rather than a real easy way to do this, without any code at all, since this is how this programs is advertised. I am going to TRY my best to explain what I want to do:

When you try to add images in the Gallery Carousel “the size” and shape of the image takes over the size and shape of the Gallery gallery and I want a way that, without me having to outside of Blocs, have to change the size and shape of the image. Is there any way that Blocs can keep the same size as the gallery carousel place holders and then you just kind of CROP the image into the shape? so, basically, if I put an image that is bigger than the place holder, for that image show in the place holder BUT that is bigger and so that I can just CROP the excess of the image and be able to move it around in the Place Holder and just show the part I want to show and crop the rest? if not, why is it so difficult to achieve? a good example is the way Keynote approached this, that you click on the image and then you get the option to crop it or play with he opacity.

Attached is a picture go what happens VS what I want. The Latter is what happens and the XXX Pattern is what I want to achieve WITH EVERY PICTURE I ADD, so that they FIT the size already created by the gallery carousel and never be changed by the size of the image, unless I want to manually change it. Makes sense? this is the only thing holding me to actually give a 100% try to this application. I want to do the upgrade but if something as simple as that can’t be achieved in a simple way, then I guess they are a long way to make it real simple for the non coding community that they want to sell their product to. thanks in advance for all the messages that I might receive with either an easy solution to achieve this or with, as usual, making me feel is my fault that I don’t know how to code and that I should learn.

I second this.

I don’t think your going to see something like this. The image placeholders in the gallery will react to the ratio of the image used. So if you want all of your gallery photos to look the same you need to resize/crop your photos before inserting them in the page. The placeholders in the gallery look like a 1x1 ratio. The images you used are a 3x2 and a 1x1 ratio together. You can have different size photos just as long as the ratio is the same for all photos.


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Thanks for your reply, yet, not sure why this is hard to achieve when is something so simple and also time saving… imaging if you a gallery consistent on 100s of images…

It’s something everyone deals with. I have a photography blog and getting my images the right size and ratio is the first step. It really comes down to if you want your gallery to look as good as possible it starts with getting the photographs right.



I would love something like that too!!! It worked that way in Freeway and it made my life a lot easier…

If you have a lot of images to deal with, there are apps out there that will batch resize images.

I hope Norm doesn’t waste time duplicating functionality that already exists. Blocsapp is an assembler of websites not an image editor.


I might as well say how I prepare images - I generally use sketchapp.

When I want to create images that conform to a consistent size and aspect ratio I create a canvas that is of the appropriate size, then drag the image into the canvas. Sketchapp will then crop that image to the canvas. I can then resize and move the image to get the right crop within the frame. Then I can export the canvas at multiple resolutions for retina devices.

For subsequent images, I just duplicate the canvas, change it’s name and change the image.

It’s not a high-volume workflow, but I like it. I don’t do major image edits in sketch, I can always use affinity for that. I’m not saying sketch is THE best way to do this stuff - it’s how I do it.

Use the best tool for the job rather than expect one tool to do all jobs.

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Well I can’t help hoping that Norm can find some time to actually implement this into blocs; in Freeway it worked like a charm. You could actually resize images and do some other stuff as well. But mainly resizing comes in very handy while working in the same app, instead of switching to PSD or something else.

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Think of it as a bonus that blocsapp doesn’t do it.

Because blocsapp doesn’t do it you can plan your image sizes and concentrate on their appearance and shape. If this is done inside blocsapp there’s a tendency to just do things as you go along.

I have one website where there are staff pictures and I find it useful when adding new staff to make sure that the style of the image matches that of the others. I can see them all side by side and see that as a whole they work together.

So there are definite upsides to blocsapp not doing image manipulation. Remember that every feature that Norm works on is at the expense of some other feature that won’t make it to blocsapp.

I don’t want other features not to be worked on for a feature I don’t need and isn’t a must-have for anyone.

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I really understand your point of view, but I don’t agree…

No problem - Norm will decide if he wants to go in that direction or not. Everyone’s opinion has a place.

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This is just how web page layouts work.

You must prepare your images before adding them to a web page and if you want them to line up and look the same size and aspect ratio, then you must edit them in a graphics App or use an auto cropping or resizing App to size them. This is web design 101. In the time it took you to write the fist post you could have resized many images and cropped off what you didn’t want in a graphics App. If you are not sure how to do this then it should be high on your list of skills to learn.

It is imperative that images in galleries and carousels are exactly the same aspect ratio and be suitable width sizes and also optimised to make them smaller in download size.

jpegMini is a superb batch optimising and resizing App. Note however, then it will resize to width and won’t crop off unwanted height. Using images from the same source can usually be a good quick way to use images that are the same dimension and then a batch resize in jpegMini will produce suitably sized and optimised image that will all be the same size.

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Freeway was always capable of resizing images and converting them from Tiff or PSD to Jpeg. This was all before retina displays though and multiple resolution options. The company shut down a couple years ago.

I have always used Photoshop “save for web” when resizing images and it does an excellent job, allowing you check quality against size on a visual basis with every image. The downside is that this is time consuming if you have a lot of images. I tried various image resizing apps; both free and paid, however none seemed to be better than what I had. The only exception was TinyPNG, which is clearly better for PNG files.

A few months ago I decided to give ImageOptim another run and found the differences were now indiscernible on default settings, but it can all be done in a few seconds, so guess which one I’ll be using? It should also be added that with http2 small increases in file size will not necessarily be slower loading nowadays.

I think the trick is to use your editing app like Photoshop to resize your images to the desired dimensions by exporting copies with a batch action, which will save time without touching your original master files. The resized copies are very likely still too heavy like this, but you can just drop them in ImageOptim that will reduce the sizes nicely, while maintaining good visual quality.

More specifically on Blocs, I want to update an old site today in Blocs 3 and I am perplexed by the masonry gallery with the lightbox popup, because it will allow three resolution options for the preview thumbnails, but only one for the enlarged lightbox image if you choose alternative image in the settings. Yes you can use the current source image for the lightbox as well, but that means you are loading heavy images by default, which is obviously not good.

One of my favorite and most used Apps! Squoosh took a 12 MB image down to below 250 KB. And it crops the image if you need it.

Thank you but the point is not to find a 3rd party app to do this…if anything, I can use Photoshop but is more about have it integrated and precise… like I should’t have to use an external software for like, for example, make fonts bold or a different color or crop or make an image bigger or smaller in size…

Blocs does everything you mentioned right in the app except crop a photo. That’s why the make Photoshop like apps.


it was an example, please read my answer again…it was about the fact that we shouldn’t have to use a 3rd party to accomplish things that “the competitions” have already integrated.

Out of curiosity, which competitors are doing this? Do they also create multiple resolution versions? That would be impressive for sure.

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