Any Wordpress News?

Hi! We planing to build new website, and the client wants WP as cms,. Before the pre reliese of blocs support, we integrated WP manually to website, and its really awfull… so early summer planing to use native support WP in software…

So, whats about Wordpress? :thinking:

Hey @Edward, Norm made a comment about it yesterday.

Blocs v4 - wish list

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So this is it?

Is it possible to find some demo, or manual. Because this price is little cheaper than any website to WP convertors which tested for many users worldwide

No that is something different.

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I wouldn’t rely on this if you have a client insisting on Wordpress. That Blocsapp wordpress support doesn’t sound trivial to me and it’s not in sight yet. Norm is a great developer but it takes time to get a feature like that production-ready.

You don’t want to be assuring a client on the basis of a feature that doesn’t yet exist and could even be dropped if it turns out too tricky. At the least you’ll pull your hair out waiting for Norm to get it working, then you AND your client will be finding bugs Norm has missed.

As much as I love Blocsapp, get an established product until Norm is up to speed and charge the client appropriately.

Just my advice - never assume you can use any promised feature until it’s released. Never assume a feature being developed will be ready within any particular timeframe.


BTW I believe the Blocs to WordPress service is a one-off, one-way conversion offered by a third party.