Anyone hosted a website using AWS?

Hi all,

I have a website I am doing for my wife and as an experiment I am looking for a very cheap website host, not because I am not happy with what I have - but just want to try others.
Now I use Google and Amazon a lot but wondering if AWS is pretty good or easy to use!?

Thanks all !

Haven’t done it myself, but technically you could deploy your static html site to an S3 bucket, which is quite okay. Seen it done by customers of mine.

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Thanks @brechtryckaert - I will look deeper into this.

I am also looking at Hostinger but so many complaints and hidden costs - but this website is basically for a few family and friends to read.

Any other names of very cheapish hosting will be appreciated.

To be fair, why not set up a simple vps on digital ocean? It’ll cost about $6 a month and you’ll be able to host quite a few HTML based sites.

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Thanks ! - never tried anything like that - but again, I will look into it. Thanks you.

Really for $ 6.00 a month?
I would like to see that. :slight_smile:

There are much cheaper Hosters in Germany than $ 6 a month.

I use ineedwebhosting.Co.Uk never had any problems and help is very good. They’re not expensive, maybe not THE cheapest, but worth a look.

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Hi Adie:

I moved over to “Pair” last year. Very happy with them and their pricing.

Rich the Weather Guy

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