App is absurdly unstable

I am running Brics on macOS 11.5.2 using an M1 Mac and the app quits unexpectedly several times a day while building a basic page. Any idea as to why this application is so unstable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the bad experience.

What type of tasks are you typically carrying out when Blocs crashes?

We are still improving stability on M1 with each release.

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It seems to happen randomly. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact activity. Glad to hear improvements are being made.

I’m running the latest Blocs on a M1 Mac mini with MacOS 11.5.2 and haven’t had a crash in many weeks/months. All my Blocs project files are stored in non-iCloud data areas. Try to provide any additional details about your particular situation so Norm or others on forum can possibly help you out. Good Luck!

I can tell you that the files are indeed stored in iCloud. Is this a known issue? I can try moving the project to a non-iCloud storage and see what happens.

I think worth a try using non-iCloud storage. I’ve had some past issues with iCloud sync. I think others may have too. Maybe try creating a new project in non-iCloud storage and see how things go. If still having a crash, you could copy-paste crash report into a text file, along with relevant details, and send to Norm in a bug report. Hope this helps.

It is not just Blocs - but in the events industry some software for saving audio and video files do not work well in iCloud. Its strange…not a clue how it all works ! but I know my guys who I use as engineers save all files in google drive instead of iCloud and they have no issues.

I’m going to move them to our own NAS storage today. If no improvement, I’ll move them to an internal disc and see what happens. Thank you for everyone’s help.

I love Blocs by the way. Still learning but the flexibility and ease of use are simply amazing. By far the best web builder I’ve used to date. I underestimated how much time the built-in image editor would save me!

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Moved the file to non-iCloud location and the app has been running beautifully since. Not a single crash, so this could be a good indication of what’s going on.