Apply custom class to multiple items

I was just adding a custom class one at a time inside half a dozen feature blocs on a page and it’s no big deal, but I couldn’t help thinking how much faster it would be if I could select multiple items with the shift or command key, then type in the class to add it to all of them at the same time.


Cool idea! Selecting multiple items can be very useful.


Think of the time we could save!
Oh yeah, pleeease @Norm

+ 1 It’s a great idea!

On a side note, I tend to setup all my classes so I only have to add one class to a Bloc. if I need to use them a lot. It’s a lot quicker.

Sorry @Malachiman, could you explain a little more what you do please?

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For example. Say I wanted to make a block that had a series of cards in it…

eg. In the class manager I would make

.feature .card
.feature .card img
.feature .card-body
.feature .card h2
.feature .card p

Then the only class I need to add to the whole bloc is .feature. the rest applies. I try and make use of the bootstrap classes as much as possible.

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I have wanted to do this many times as well. Good idea!