Archetypon Player ready for Blocs 4

New Player version 1.2.0 is ready for download, this version is compatible with Blocs 4 and up. To download go here with the email used on the original purchase:


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Downloaded and installed.
Unfortunately I have to rebuild all (six) players with at least 10 songs each.
Also you can’t change the color for borders.

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Will take a look maybe that’s an issue in there.

Looks like the border colour option is working as expected. Try to delete the older assets of the Player from the page and project attachments, maybe solves the issue for you.

Yes it’s working on new projects.
I have old projects with 6 different players and at least 10 titles each.
So I have to rebuild all this just for a change of icons?
That’s not funny …

Hi Lucas,
Can you please tell me what that means

Project assets can be found at two places:

  • At File > Project Settings > Project Attachments
  • And at Page Settings > Page File Attachments

You can delete Player these assets from your project in case something is not working in the new version of Player, like the border colour you mentioned above.

Even in new projects the volume bar disappears on smaller breakpoints.

Lucas have you checked this?

Is that an update on player? I have player 1.1.1. In Blocs I get no update warning. If I click on the link in the first post, I can find my purchase, but I get the message: “#006 ( Download Expire Time has Passed. )”

@Bootsie breakpoint in Player is set to 1024 pixels. I’ll consider adding a custom breakpoint in a future version.

@Mattheus please send me a message to

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Thanks Lucas, talking 'bout quick reaction: you beat them all!!

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Hi @Lucas

I also get the #006 message ?
What can I do ?


Just replied to you on support :wink:


Hi Lucas: I sent an email to - re: Player Bric … Hopefully you’ll get it. Looks like the site is down too.


Thanks! Looks fine now :grinning: