Arrange pages

Anybody figured out how to arrange pages as in move pages to new position etc.
Cannot see any way to do it after an hour of searching… I am working now to finish a project so anyone there to answer this request would be be helpful.


If you are talking about doing this in the side panel or page settings it can’t be done at present. This has been requested various times and it’s on the wish list. Norm is aware of this.

If you want to change the order in the menu on the web page, change the data source from primary menu to zero and rename the pages as you wish, then update the links. This is much improved in Blocs 3.

Try the Menu Manager, I believe you can change the page order using that.


Any news about this topic. I also want to know if Blocs can do this now or if will. Thanks!

I guess this requirement stemmed from the days when WYSIWYG web development tools were the norm. Essentially, you could creates a sort of visual sitemap of pages and link them together in a hierarchal structure. The primary purpose was, of course, to have the development app automatically create a multi-level navigation structure. However, upon publishing, the HTML pages are output as independent and completely unconnected pages (apart from the internal links on each page). Given that these multi-level menu structures are not so common in todays world of mobile browsing, the need for visual page ordering is not such a big requirement.

Blocs creates pages, as many as you need, and it’s up to the designers to link them together via links etc. This is easily done through the menu manager. So, whilst it would be a nice feature to have, I can think of other features that would be worth spending development resources on. A good old-fashioned pencil and paper approach seems just as good for mapping out the navigational structure of a website. Certainly, I wouldn’t want Blocs to make decisions about organising a multi-level navigation for me based on the order of pages. I quite like the freedom of simply concentrating on one page at a time and then using the tools available to me to link them all together.

You can change the order in the menu using the Menu Manager. The visual order in the page navigator can not be reordered, but then this is just a visual order only visibl inside of the design applicate, this order has no effect on the order on the exported code or menu systems in your site.