Asset Manager for Images

Why cannot Blocs chose a selection of random or a list of images and delete them?
You know, like right click.
@Norm, perhaps you have an answer.

Click the select button along the top of the asset manager

I don’t think you understand. You might want to go back and re-read what I wrote. :upside_down_face:

You want Blocs to randomly delete images??

I’ve read what you wrote several time. Sorry if I’m not following.

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Yes, like chose say 1, skip 2 & 3 chose 4 skip 9, 10 11 and chose 12 through 14.
Once they are highlighted, simply delete the chosen.

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That makes more sense.

Submit a feature request. Only Norm knows why.

But that’s pretty much what the select feature does. Allows you to select multiple.

The way it works may have to do with one click image selection and reveal in place features. Maybe??

Why doesn’t Blocs show “reveal in Finder”, when you right-click on an image of a page? You can reveal it in the Asset Manger, which is just another step.

Again submit a feature request.

Okay, but that is just it, you cannot select even multiple images.
I’ll see if I can add @Norm to this post.

When you click on an image and Blocs Asset Manager open (sometimes this works and other time not), and all is selected, should it not jump or move to the selected images?

@Norm, this is one place where there must be a glitch. I’ve tried using my MacBook mouse pad and the Apple mouse, and way too often click on an image does nothing. If you can choose it (img) and then move your cursor to the asset manager for the chosen image (which is highlighted sometime and or times not) when you look back the selected img is no longer highlighted. This has been the most frustrating thing for me. I hope it gets taken care of soon.

Even if, I find the selected img, “reveal in Finder” is not an option in the Asset Manager. :disappointed: