Asset storage

Looking through the forums there seem to be several opinions on this, so here’s the question;
Where is the best place to save assets so when I move from one laptop to another in a different location, and continue with my Blocs project, they don’t need reconnecting?
I save images etc. in iCloud but I prefer the excellent Sync cloud storage as both weld seamlessly with OSX, but the same issue arises.
Is it worth adding an ‘Assets’ folder to my saved location so the images, .pdfs, etc are in the same place?

If you are talking about original assets like full resolution images I guess there are various options, but if you just mean the images etc being actively used in the project remote assets stored on the web server should resolve all your problems. That isn’t always possible for me during development with client sites, but it is by far my preferred option.

Hi @Flashman
Thanks for the reply; sounds like the route to go down.
What is the best way to find the url for the hosted assets?
I may build an assets folder cloud side and link to them then.

If you use an FTP app like Forklift you can right click on a single file or multiple files and copy the links, then paste them into the asset manager of Blocs to work with them like any other image. There are a few instances where remote assets do not work as expected, such as hero backgrounds added by a custom class, but these are rare insistences.

One tip with this. Create asset folders on the server with names like “_images”. That underscore will place the folder at the top of the items inside the server when viewed by FTP with the order set to name, so you will avoid the risk of deleting them by mistake.

Another benefit of remote hosting assets is that subsequent updates are much faster because you are only uploading code, rather than new videos and images every time. N.B from time to time I download a copy of the asset folders to my computer just as a backup.

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Thanks, and I’ll implement the tips.