Assets not visible in asset manager anymore

After I moved assets to another location, Blocs couldn’t find them anymore, so I pointed Blocs to the new location. From that moment on the assets do not show in design-view anymore, nor do I see thumbnails in the asset manager. The files are still there and the site is fine, and previewing the site shows the pictures normally. However, since they don’t show up in design-view it is rather impossible to work with.

I shared my findings with Eldar and he pointed me to the fact that it might be the cloud-based storage I’m using. Anyone from Blocs here (Norm?) to confirm that this is a bug in Blocs when used in conjunction with cloud-storage solutions? If so, is this on the roadmap to be fixed?

As cloud-based storage I am using Box in combination with Box Drive. That means that a local copy of the file is kept on my harddrive, but constantly synced with my cloud-storage.

Thanks, Willem Jan.

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