Audio Player for Blocs


I just got started with Blocs and I really like it. Just … I seem not to be able to find an audio player. Is there a way to create a page like a video page, but just with audio files on offer?


I am looking for the same thing. Seems like an obvious “no coding required” BRIC would be included with Blocs. Just like the Video Player.

Hi guys,

Something like this?



oh, exactly. how does this thing come together?

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Looks simple and clean.

Who did the last track on that player…?

After struggling with setting up an audio player in Blocs, I think I’ve now found a good solution. If you visit THIS DEMO site you will see an audio player in action. It was created with commercial software. However, I’ve created a finished player and packed it up into a zip file. The player can be customised with the addition of more tracks and various text labels that are displayed in the player interface. It does require the editing of the HTML file before adding it to Blocs, but it is very simple (full instructions included in the zip file). This is a responsive player that responds to any device size. Take a look and give it a go. Please note, the demo only shows three tracks, but you can add as many as you need. If you add more than 22 tracks, the play list will show a scroll bar so that the additional tracks can be selected.


Hey @hendon52,

I don’t need the audio player myself, but I really appreciate the effort you are putting to help the community! Thanks and please do share more of your little tricks! Very helpful!


Wow! Very nice. I will give it a try. I’d be glad to send you some music …free as a thank you.

It would be on cd but I could zip it up in a file. It’s mellow ambient with Native American flute. Some of the new stuff is ambient guitar …

So you created this player? Neat…I can only image what could you do with a little more time. Thx. Just shows the potential. I will be curious why the lazy load causes an issue. I see in your other post how you dealt with it.

The player itself was created with an application designed for the job - the trick is how to get it to work in Blocs. I have no idea why the lazyload feature should cause this problem, but it’s something I’ve come across with some Hype files. Maybe one of the boffins will be able to provide an answer to this mystery.

I guess you are a musician - if you have a need for a specific style of player, I’d be very happy to have a go at putting one together for you (with or without the gift of music). Just send over any ideas and I’ll take a look. Simple players, like the one posted, can be made in Amazing Audio Player, but anything more sophisticated or outrageous could be done in Hype. I just hope someone here puts a bric together that will make the whole job easier.

Will do Eldar - it’s all part of the community spirit.

Thanks again. Very kind if you. Eldar what do you use for files on your music template where the play buttons are?
This audio display of songs for purchase on Amazon is a typical one. Allows sample preview and purchase.
Will is a friend of mine by the way. Great guitar player.

This Demo is almost the same html code the AmazingAudio Player generates.
But more advanced.

Very well done.
Thanks a lot.

@Bootsie, It is the same code - its created with Amazing Audio Player. All I did was to rearrange things in the final player to make it easier to customise without users having to have the application. I have an enterprise licence which allows for the re-distribution of the players created with the product. Ordinarily, I would suggest that people buy the application but the price tag is a bit steep if you only want one player for your website.

I purchased Blocs. I like Norm’s creativity, but I haven’t used the software enough to really learn it. However, if you can use either jquery or javascript plugins with Blocs, there are a number of open source audio players out there. I’m using one now in an app that I’m adding to. A simple internet search will give you all kinds of plugins that you can look at. There are also combination plugins that play both audio and video. What you would choose depends on your situation.


Can you provide a couple links or let’s see your player you are using on a Blocs site. Thx.

Guys I’m making an audio player bric, it’s almost ready and I hope to release it this week, I will post later with more details :grinning:


Yes, this would be a progress in functionality for Blocs. How is it done?

@Juerg it works just like a bric, no coding needed. Playlist and color options are all included, stay tuned.

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