Auto Arrange Gallery

I was wondering if this is possible, a Responsive Media Gallery (various size pictures or videos) that can re-adjust when…
Scroll to next group of media assets
Auto arrange layout when refreshing or returning to the Gallery

What do you mean with that?

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Kind of like this @InStacks Design Video Gallery | Robosoft WordPress Demo Section

The simple answer to that question is Yes! But not out of the box, you will have to make it.

@Malachiman, so Blocs can’t do it by itself.
What would be needed to accomplish this?

No you could make the whole thing in blocs. I’m really just answering your question if it’s possible. The next question is how easy, and I suspect if your asking the question it’s more complicated than your’e ready for.

The image overlay Bric comes pretty close:
Kapture 2021-09-11 at 06.58.03

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That’s a good beginning. :smile:

Yeah, It gets you started. From here I’ll leave it in your professional hands. :muscle: :muscle:

@Jerry, If I knew what you all know about scripts, I could have it done in no time. :smile:

For this, you need 0 scripts. :100:% built with Blocs :grin:

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I know that @Jerry, :smile: I was referring to what Robo Gallery can do.