Auto back-ups

I don’t know whether this has been covered before but would it be possible to have auto back-ups @Norm ?

Freeway had a handy feature that backed up a site when you opened it, ie, usually the last version you had posted online. The backup went into a folder on your Mac and you never had to touch it – unless you screwed up and wanted to revert.

Any views from other Blocs users? Handy or not?


I don’t see any problem adding this feature, but most people would be able to access an earlier version easily enough through Time Machine.

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I think Norm has enough to do especially since Time Machine can do exactly the same thing.

Personally I prefer to manage my own backups. I can see why some might like the idea.

As a former Freeway user myself I believe some of the rationality behind the backup version was to help in the case of a corrupted or lost project file and their motives were sound, creating an updated backup with each file save, but once again this is something that is handled quite adequately with greater flexibility through Time Machine or other backups. Personally I use Time Machine, SuperDuper and Backblaze.

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