Automated gallery for client presentation

I recently shot a couple hundred images for a web client and rather stupidly suggested that I could throw up a gallery so they could view the images online to make a choice for the final site.

Initially I thought it was something I could do easily enough using my old version of Lightroom 5.7, which I still have on the old computer. Lightroom was able to process the Raw files and place jpg images in an html gallery, which was all done rather easily in an automated fashion, but being an older app none of this is responsive…

Does anybody know of a modern app that could do what I want here or some suggestion on an efficient way of doing this? Ideally every image will have a number so the client can choose number 23 or whatever and a corresponding filename, so I can cross reference this.

I can export jpg files easily enough as a starting point, so this is more about having an automated gallery that will insert the images and resize them if necessary.

Hi @Flashman, Lightroom classic still allows you to export for the web. It creates a bunch of HTML pages which you could simply upload.

EDIT: Apple’s iPhoto can do a shared album as well

Yes I used Lightroom with that web option. It works fine for desktop but no good for mobile as the text becomes tiny. I have never used Apple Photos before so I’ll take a look.

I would think just explaining to your client that the web gallery is not responsive would suffice.
The purpose is to pick the best photos, and on a desktop or tablet, it would give them the best viewing experience to make good decisions.

You also have to keep in mind if possibly some will be used full screen or parallax. Some images work better than others for being responsive and still working. Again it’s another opportunity to talk about this with your client on choosing full-screen images.

Just my two-cents

You make good points, but believe it or not, it is increasingly difficult to find clients that will even view their website on a desktop nowadays.

Recently I have had a couple clients providing feedback during development over 3-4 months, having never once thought to view the site on a desktop. Rather annoyingly in one case the feedback suddenly came rushing in with changes they wanted. In future I plan on making this point part of the terms & conditions.

I suspect this is much more common than many of us might realise. Indeed when helping clients to set up email we always seem to be discussing the mobile and when I ask about a computer they often look at me blankly these days.

@Jerry I tried with Photos but it crashes when I try to include file names in a shared album. I’ll keep looking I guess.

Funny how this has all changed. Some of my sites stats are crazy, like 80% mobile traffic.

Good luck!

Yes it’s almost scary, because many of us are still using desktop apps for production and therefore tend to forget that not everybody is like us. It also spells out why we need to take a mobile first approach to design.

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Thinking loud: why not printing a contact sheet in Lightroom with all the information needed and forward it as PDF?

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One option could be to create a slide presentation in Keynote. You could create a custom size layout based on mobile screen formats and then just add images to each slide along with captions, numbers etc. The slideshow can then be output as HTML and uploaded to your web host. The client can advance the slide show in a number of ways - either hitting the space bar, through previous/next links within the page, or using the thumbnails created in the HTML.


If you click on the left of the browser window, you can select thumbnails. On mobiles, swipe right to reveal the thumbs.

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Another option is to upload to dropbox and share that folder with them. I have been sharing my work with clients like this for a long time.

Yeah right- using an iPhone s and complaining „looks bad“ :rofl:

But about the Foto slide, if you need something semi-long term and more „unique“ than Dropbox (which i think isn’t that bad of an idea as Shared by @BAM )an option would be to draft up a WordPress site and after exporting your pics to a jpeg or so, upload to WP and use some free plugin to create a slide - or give the client access to the system so they can choose directly from the WP gallery - would that be an option?

If so I think I could share a snippet of PHP to make the titles numeric subsequently according upload sequence or so.

Depending on your budget for this there are also paid WP plugins that do a quite good job at this! handles stills as well as video and audio. You can create password protected folders with private downloads (or none), collate feedback and exchange comments in realtime with team members, collaborators or anyone you invite with a link. Image types are automatically converted into jpegs. You can even draw on the images. Robust, indestructible uploads (5x faster than dropbox) and a dedicated iOS app. I haven’t found anything better.

Plus it’s free for up to 2 users and 2GB of space (password shares require a plan)

Thanks to all for your suggestions. I did actually end up doing this through Dropbox, which may not be the best option in terms of presentation, but it’s certainly easy and fast. I use a file naming system for digital asset management that makes sense to me but complicated for clients, so I simply used a renaming app to prepend 3 digit sequential numbers at the beginning for easy identification.

I initially tried to do this in Blocs but was surprised to see it became bogged down with spinning ball inside the app as I headed towards 50 images and there were over 200. This might be because I had remote hosted the image assets rather than adding them locally, so it’s possible the lag was introduced by trying to fetch all those images from the server. After roughly 30 images every new one created some spinning ball and that is not something I ever normally see in Blocs.

@smileBeda I actually keep a domain with WP installed for testing purposes, so I could certainly try your idea with some gallery plugin. It’s a fairly logical solution, especially if it could resize images at the same time.

My hope is that we will see bulk upload feature in Volt before long, so this could be done pretty easily in Blocs that way. Perhaps maintain a preconfigured design on a domain then just add the images in one go and send out the link.

I was originally a professional photographer but switched a few years ago to web design. Now I find myself moving towards a more full service offering as clients ask for alternative services from web hosting to brochure design, so there will be a lot of things like this to think about in the future.

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Oooh, yes please!