Automatic Background Gallery?

There is a possibility to use an image for a Background with Style Fill. Is there a possibility to have a Background with more than one image and with automatic changing for example all 10 seconds?

The easiest option is to use a full-width carousel bloc. Set the bloc padding to full screen and add your images to the carousel. Check the autoplay option and set the timing to whatever value you like. You may also want to change the transition from slide in to fade in.

You can set the caption area to be centred within the bloc. You can then add whatever brics you like into the caption area, headings, paragraph buttons etc.

Hello @yellow and welcome to the forum, I create a snippet for you if you want to use it.

His title is:

  • Change Background of a bloc every X (5) seconds.


There is the link for it:

Hope it will helps you.

The @hendon52 explanation, works very well.
If you want to try this solution you are free to make any type of bloc change the background.

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Thanks a lot. Work perfect for me now…