Automatic Pop Up window


please can you help me with: I need automatic pop up window, like you can see if you visit spirit eshop, first you have to agree or disagrre, then you see the web contet.


You can create a pop-up using the Modal bric. Just add the bric to the page and add whatever content you wish. Typically, a modal pop up needs a trigger to activate it, such as a clicking on an object or a button on the page. If you want to it open automatically on first page load, you will need to add some additional code to your project. You can find out how to do that in this post.

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Hi @lukasme ,

the link from @hendon52 is indeed very helpful.

But if you absolutely don’t want to mess around additional code and scripts - this might be a workaround solution:

1. create a nicely designed landing page with a single “call-to-action” button:
e.g. "Please confirm your age first"

2. use that button to trigger a modal with intended options and links.

Just an idea, how I would try to solve it without additional code insert.

P.S.: Yes, I’m aware, it’s not “automatic”… :smirk::wink:

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I think you are looking for StickyAlert & enable the ‘Show PopUp BG’.

Have fun.