Background of a dropdown menu


I’m new with blocs and have got a problem with the dropdown of a navigation-menu. I set the color of the font in the primary menu to white (color #FFFFFF in “Appearance”) The problem is that the color of fonts in the dropdown is the same. White Font on a white Background (dropdown) don’t seem to be a good idea :wink:
So is there an option to set only the color of dropdown-fonts or to change the background?

Thanks for reading - hoping for an answer :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany, Eike

PS: Sorry for bad English :wink:

Welcome to the confusing world of classes.
They get easier as you practice, but some sub-classes have no clear description. I’m trying so I’ll let you know if I work them out. I’ve done some but I’m struggling with the backgrounds.
Keep the faith, it’s a great app.
I know I’ve asked before but could you add a tooltip to some of the less obvious class names.

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Ah I got it. Thanks for helping.

Greetings, Eike