Background Video does not change to Static Image on Mobile


Hey everyone. Another Issue I have encountered while working on my website. I have noticed that the background video works perfectly when in desktop mode. When I it changes to mobile mode however I have noticed that the static background image of the video does not show up as you can see in the screenshots. Does anyone else have encountered this issue and knows a solution?

Thanks for the Help :slight_smile:


If you want only a static image on mobile, just use two different blocs - one for mobile, one for tablet and desktop.


I thought about that but it feels a little redundant if it is supposed to work just as is. If nothing else comes up I definitely will give it a try. Thanks.


@pauland I have tried your suggestion and must say it is a slick solution. Works really well.


No tool does everything the way we want it to. Blocsapp gives us ways of doing things, even if we’d like them to be done differrently.


What mobile device is it failing on?


I haven’t tested it on a device yet. I just reduced the width of the Safary Browserwindow on my mac until it switched to mobile view.


We recommend you give BrowsePlay a try our video cdn auto plays within mobile browsers just like on desktop. Should fix your problem.