Badges Bric

Been eyeing at the Developer API and Bric Builder for a bit. Not sure if it’s something I want to start doing for Blocs Community but while reading documentation and looking at examples, I made this little shortcut for simple Bootstrap Badges and started using this a lot on one of my sites.
If anyone is interested, they can use it or even expand upon it.
Badges.bex (38.2 KB)

Sorry if anyone was thinking this was something actually productive. It’s really just scratch work that I kept using.

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I added this and relaunched Blocs 4.0.1 but I am not seeing your Bric anywhere. Hmmm…

As such, I have no idea when you have done, but I do have a question. Why not just look at this page to get the class names required and then return to Blocs and type “NEW” in a Paragraph where you want the badge, select your word NEW and make it a Span, then add “badge” and “badge-secondary” Classes field of the right sidebar?

Hmm…that’s interesting. Perhaps somethings changed in Blocs 4…?
Well anyway, I thought it would be convenient to someone that needed to use Badges a lot but not want to remember the class names. Like I said, it was mainly just scratch work to see what the API does lol. I don’t know if building Brics is something of interest for me since we already have numerous Professionals here.

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