Hello! I’m trying to install Badges " Secondary " in the block, but this does not work for me. Tell me how to do it right. Thanks.

Hey @LyalkoDenis

You can add the badge-secondary by using a span.

Highlight some text and you will see a blue box with icon appear, the second to last icon is the span icon

Then you can select the span and add the following classes (badge badge-secondary) in the side bar class box.

Looks like the Docs need some more info @Norm, I couldn’t see anything about the icons.

EDIT: Never mind, I found the right docs lol

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Alilluia. Thanks Malachiman. I’m just learning.
Blocks have grown very much in 2019, a lot of interesting things have appeared, success to the project)))
I made a mistake, substituted three classes as one)))


The Bootstrap docs are very helpful for the classes.