Basic style problem


I have a problem with a basic text styling, something that should be very simple but Bloc blocked me :grin:

Respectivelly to images…

  1. I need the text inside the bric container to be white
    It’s class : bloc-text-bleu

  2. The style rule is done with the Classe Editor, even !important

  3. Even with the Editor Code that seems to be prior on all (tried with 3 variations…)…

  4. And nope in browser :melting_face:, the maintained style is the basic default “H1, H2, etc. , p, a” class (even !important away).

An idea please ? I may have passed on something noob, but by 360° the problem, unable to find solution to this issue…

Thank you,

… I can put white color in right frame, it’s effective, but if I can avoid using #ffffff to each

(many brics as this one)…

OK it’s good ! It seems that it was a problem of “refresh” with the browser (I may have restarted it and now it’s ok, wtf because after each modification I do a “render” that opens a NEW browser’s tab :woozy_face:)

Ed : possible to delete this thread/post ?