Be careful about the CC0 images

Will Unsplash (soon Getty) go after every using CC0 images for payment?
Unsplash is being acquired by Getty Images
I bring this to your attention, because I have a friend who was sued by Unsplash for using their CC0 images. The case went for for some time. Lawyers banked on this one, but my friend won the case.


I think they should sue the uploaders and not the consumers
I mean, as far I know the issue is with people who uploaded imagery that wasn’t theirs to start with, and we consumers don’t have a chance to check if it’s really their material or not!

Nonetheless I guess I’ll be going thru a number of sites and remove unsplashed where used, can’t afford a lawyer lol…

It was never a good idea to use Unsplash even before this if you ever took a moment to read the small print. At this point I would stay well away.

These days I basically insist on using commissioned photography or purchasing images from a library like Shutterstock. Apart from anything I am no longer willing to spend unpaid hours scouring the web for free images just to save the small clients a few dollars.


Interesting thought :slight_smile: