Beginner's Questions


Two questions please :

Importing saved brics,
I never understood the “required class” checkbox, the class already selected by default are already required, then what is the difference, what adding those none default selected classes change (without adding some classes) ?

Extensions manager, deleting extensions,
If I delete some of default’s app extensions (making place for mine), is it possible to recuperate them later ? If yes how ? If no feat suggestion…


That is a “tick all” box.

“Required Bloc Classes” refers to the list of classes in the box. Its the title of the option.

You are telling it what classes are required when saving the Bloc.

Eg. In your screen shot…

Bloc has ignored

.close-special-menu .close-icon

because that class already is included in Blocs. It has attempted to pick up custom classes you made. Which in most cases are the only ones you need. It does however give you the option of including all or any of the classes being used in the Bloc.

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Just use the custom class library to store classes:

Ok I understand thank you ; indeed i hadn’t hit that those class weren’t created by me and look typically « system ».

Then why adding those classes if they are already included ? Other than adding code and possibly confusion with a duplicate, i don’t see the interest/point (if i’ve well understood).

I may badly explained, it concerned the Extensions of Blocs and Brics. Only ipad now i’ll add screen tomorrow. Thx

Because you may have added some custom styling and not used a custom class. Blocs gives you the full option of choosing what you add.

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:man_facepalming: Off course, when no customisation… Thank you

Ok in fact. my question was dumm, just discovered that default’s extensions arn’t deletable. (Didn’t tried, I barely sought to delete one by apprehending no longer had where my question).

Btw it could be a good feat, in my case as eg, I know I’ll never use several Extensions that are taking “precious” place when opening full screen after [+].
Then why not deleting possible with a single button “Add factory’s Extension” that would re-add those deleted (without deleting ours).


For those who didn’t know, in fact it is possible to delete extension with the extension manager :

Some wish/suggestions about extensions :

  • Possibility to create/modify/rename*/delete/orgainising(sorting…) all categories and extensions even ours (more flexibility with gain in productivity)
  • That all customisations are kept in different files (then à “Reset Extensions” in Top menu / Developper ?, even better, no idea how, the possibility to recuperate “factory” extensions without loosing ours).
  • And something that would be awesome (personnaly of course, already tackled) : plenty of snipets “Gems” (? :grin: :ok_hand:) for as eg,
    – Scripts : Random page, Redirection, etc.
    – Fx : background colors css Fx (flat as gradient…), text colors css animation (‘’), css loader (just pasting css in a text field), etc. (plenty of basic .css fx easy dragable with parameters in right frame : colors choices as for social… etc.).

In fact, it seems to be a huge potential with Extensions…

*Tried in Finder but it’s isn’t effective in Blocs.

Ed. Off course from a designer pov, brainstorm with no idea if possible in dev (css animation…), but it’d be useful and time saver with plenty of very basic little script maybe possible/compatible…

Something usefull (personnaly would use it) : a way to save (internal as Extensions) or export a style done with the Classe Editor.
Then easy to “paste” it in others projects (rather than having to export a whole bric with its others classes > classes selection > import in other project > delete non concerned brics as then unuesed styles…).

Or if possible how-to please ?

~As this (sugg) :

Or from Class panel > right-click ?

Ed. Or the possibility to save brics as blocs in Extensions… ?


A basic “NONE” for no links, so few to be able to add some words in navbar (yet link obligated, and with hover styles…:-/ )

… Words with same style than others htt but no hover


Double-click on the “layer” (blue) to open the bloc/bric, rather than having to “search” the little arrow

Shame :melting_face:

For those who didn’t knew as me

btw Exp-ort could be cool for managing plenty of style (and facility to rename etc in finder).