Best domain name registration service

Title says it all

What do you all recommend for cheap and reliable (yeah the mix is usually not working) for domain name registrars?

I’m moving my sites to a VPS service which doesn’t offer domain name registration on it’s own and the old service doesn’t offer “just domains” so I need to register my domains with something else.

All domains are .com but one which is .info

Looking for the cheapest option as possible while keeping at least some service standards however with domain registration not much can go bad (like it can with hosting services on the other hand)

Both godaddy and siteground are out of question as they are the reason I’m looking for new services :wink:

Funny enough, I am looking into this today too.

Curious to see what people suggest.

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I’ve only ever used godaddy, usually when there’s a sale on. I don’t use them for anything else though, no addons or hosting etc.

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I got about a dozen registrations with and been with them for over a decade.

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I do all of my domain registrations with NameCheap. They often have sales and first year discounts. They are able to register all of the Top Level Domains including country specific ones. Hosting can be ordered with the domain if required (usually at a very good first year discount), but if hosting isn’t needed, you can simply change the DNS record of your domain to post to an alternative host.

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I have registered all my domain names on BookMyName for over 12 years.
Just a registrar, not a web host.

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Looks interesting, do they have inclusive privacy WhoIs protection?

I saw they are cheaper than the 3 players I am looking at:

(all have free WhoIs included thou, prices are about the same)

I thought whois data is protected automatically these days without needing to pay extra. That is certainly the case in the UK and the EU. I just looked up the .com domain of a certain New Zealander on this forum and no data was revealed other than the name servers.

I believe the absolute cheapest for .com domains is through CloudFlare because they charge zero markup and it’s brilliantly implemented as well. The catch is that they only offer this to domains using their service.

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You’re right, I forgot gdpr made sure of this lol

I have been using for almost 2 decades
This is a German company that evolved from the hosting pioneer Schlund. I only register the domains there, the hosting then runs on various dedicated servers.

I have a stalker :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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So much for privacy on the internet.

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Thanks all so much for your inputs!

There have been some very interesting choices an I’ve learned a lot during these readings and evaluations.

After all checking and reading and reading more reviews and what not (smoking brain :stuck_out_tongue:) I actually went with CloudFlare for domain registrar and DNS.
My first choice would have been Google Domains, but they do not offer the service in my country so I would have to wait until they add the feature.

So I thought, who is the second fastest DNS provider … well, CloudFlare certainly comes to mind, and they also offer very cheap domain name registration, namely 8 USD (reseller prices are not even that low!).

I am not sure if there is some sort of catch I will regret later but it seems by definition the cheapest offer ever, considering it is cheaper in name registration than all (even reseller) registrars I checked and offers free, low latency DNS with it. I couldn’t find anything copying with that.
I have read only one bad thing about CloudFlare which is that sometimes they DNS is slow - however I’ll see if that is really the case.

If anyone is interested, for hosting itself I went with WebDock, they seem to be an excellent service (pay as you go, no lock in, free mail accounts for both in an out box SMPT, different full root access VPS stacks, 1GBs link and no bandwidth or user limits, starting at 1US up to whatever you need).

At first I was scared to set up my own server (well, it is still “just” a VPS) but with their support you even master console commands and suddenly (within less than 24 hours) find yourself setting up NGINX on Ubuntu… All this for (the choice I picked) 4US a month each server is really something I couldn’t find anywhere else (well, there are always better and other choices…)

So far, now comes the big waiting if any issues pop up on the secondary sites :crossed_fingers: none does… and then migrate the main site :fearful:

I use MacHighway.
I have used them for 20 years—on my 21st.
Why stay with them? Fast problem resolution, they rarely go down since they moved all of their servers a few years ago.
You can actually call and talk with someone. In fact, they have even called me after launching a ticket.
I am about to launch my first blocs site with them this weekend.

Here is my affiliate link if you are interested:


If it helps we run our own hosting/domain group for fellow web designers that use Blocs, Rapidweaver and the like here in the UK…

Genuinely not here to blatantly over sell. But if it helps please take a look.

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I can testify that @Davedesigner and the ineedwebhosting post is genuine, and I would also recommend them.
I’ve been using ineedwebhosting for both domain names and hosting for about 10-12 years and no problems whatsoever.
If there has been a problem, it’s been of my own doing, which David has sorted out promptly for me.
I apologise for any hassles I may have caused you, sir……

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Thank you @TrevReav for your kind comments

I moved everything to last year. The price is low, comes with free Whois privacy, and auto-authenticates your domain assets for their analytics / web tools.

Same here. Very good service and very good prices which include free premium Whois protection. I also use the Honey plugin and get additional discounts. I used to use godaddy but their prices were much higher, and they had spotty service so I switched and I am very happy that I did.

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