Best way to make a page like this

Hi, what is the best way to make pages with squares like this:


Choose blocs with panels you can change the background colour of. You may need to fix column height and you’ll need to play with padding etc.

Ok thanks. Do You think using Panels are the best way. I ll do it. How can i remove the border from a Panel? Is there a Special Class Name ? I couldnt find it.

What borders?

If something has no obvious class make a class for it.

You’re going to need to have some familiarity with CSS to be able to achieve the look.

The design of shouldn’t be too hard. Experiment.

Hey pauland, every panel has a light grey border. I cant remove it with a Custom Class. Hmm.

Use the structure blocs to form panels - I wasn’t very clear - no need to use blocsapp panels.

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