Big form not sending

Hi all,

Another problem, this time with a subscription form that won’t send. Please take a look at the page & modal at the following ‘TESTING’ URL: and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button in the ‘School and International School’ bloc (i.e. the orange button just above the kakapo (green bird) photo.)

I attach a screenshot of the Form settings, which so far as I can see are correct.

@Norm, is there perhaps a limit to the number of fields allowed in a single form? Otherwise, can anyone advise if I am just doing something dumb? Any help on this appreciated.

There are several other fairly similar forms lower on the same page, but I though I’d see this one was working before finalising the others…

It may be that the form is sending results to an email address outside of the email domain where the form is hosted. It seems your form is being directed to an address on newsademic domain, but your testing server is Many hosting companies will bloc the php sendmail function from forwarding email messages from an email address that isn’t associated with the hosting account. Try setting up the form to send results to an email address at and be sure to set the From field to an email address also at and see if that works. You can always change it back before uploading to the actual server for the domain.

Hi again!
Thanks for your comments. I have just received the FTP access info for the domain, and have uploaded the site into a testing sub-folder. Unfortunately, it still won’t send.
Another, simpler modal form (4 fields) on the same testing server, and to the same recipient e-mail address, was delivered OK yesterday, and sends again OK from the ‘real’ server just now.
All this suggests something is not right with the ‘big’ form…
Any other ideas?

The number of fields shouldn’t create a problem. Form scripts will usually just include all the fields within the form. It may be worth having the hosting company check your form to see if they can shed any light on the situation. If they have chat support, that is usually the quickest route to an answer.

I think as a first option, I’ll recreate the form from scratch and see how that behaves. I previously had a nav-bar problem that was fixed by doing this. If that fails, I’ll go talk with hosting.
Thanks again!

Update: I created a ‘Test Form’ page, created a new 4-field form with the same ‘send’ settings, and it works without a problem. As a result, I’m thinking that the ‘big’ form is likely corrupted.

Will now expand the test form to the 24 fields it needs, and try again. If all is well, I’ll try saving that bloc to my bloc library, and go from there…

@Hawkeye Don’t forget to let us know how it goes.

Further update:
Re-made the form, same settings, sent without a problem! Have added it to my blocs library now.

I’m wondering if the problem was before that when I was creating the extra fields, I was duplicating the ‘email’ field, so I had to go back and change the setting for the field content from ‘email’ to ‘standard’? I was careful not to do this with the latest recreation!

Hopefully that will be it for this crisis! Thanks for all your help.

Not quite all…

In tidying up, I renamed the modal from ‘modal-test’ to ‘modal-school’, saved the project, uploaded and tested it again, and this time it didn’t work. Might be a bug, but I’ll check again tomorrow before reporting it.