Bloc 3 any idea when released

hi there, wanting to buy blocs 2 but wondering if blocs 3 will be out soon (as i don’t want to buy blocs 2 and then shell out for the upgrade in a week)

Blocs 3 is a long way off at least half a year before it’s released publically.


Thanks for getting back

Hi @Norm ,

Do you know when will the beta testing begin? And will Blocs 2.5 project files be fully compatible with Blocs 3.0?


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Hey @Eldar,

Im not 100% sure yet possibly early July, but I do know the testing phase will last about 6 to 8 weeks.

I hope so, Blocs 3 will use Bootstrap 4 so there will be the option to upgrade the project file to Blocs version 3 if its an older one (2.5, 2.6, 2.7), Blocs 3 files wont work in Blocs 2.


Ok. Thanks for the information! Looking forward to Blocs 3 :slight_smile:


Yeah me too!


Can you share some of the specifics? Like features or is it asking for too much?

It’s asking to much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Cant even share one feature that’ll knock our socks off?

You heard it here first, but don’t tell anybody else… It will be better than 2.5 :shushing_face:

More seriously, I do believe Norm once said on the forum that the brics would be available from the side panel, which I look forward to seeing. It will of course have a new version of bootstrap.

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Says ‘the man’ :smirk:

Blocs 3 will be awesome, believe me :wink:

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ok Norm :slight_smile: It will be tomorrow :slight_smile: what is the price for upgrade or buy Blocs 3?

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Don’t worry, if you upgrade during the Black Friday weekend, you get to upgrade for a really good price!


Version 2 users has to pay for version 3 - right? Any hint, how much?

Designmodo has a good offer. Since I have no idea what to expect with Blocs 3, I have to consider whether to accept the offer.

Only a few hours left until it’s released. You’ll get an upgrade discount + Black Friday discount so its defo worth hanging to find out more.