Bloc Padding per Breakpoint?

Hi -

Can each bloc’s padding be different per breakpoint (device size)?

Using the right-side panel ‘Appearance / Padding’ options, it seems to me that this is not the case.

Is there a work around?

I’m discovering that at smaller screen sizes the bloc-level padding set for large screen is not pleasing on the smallest screen size.


Nope, the right-side panel defaults are for all breakpoint.

You have to set the right-panel to none and then create a custom class for the Bloc. Then you can adjust the padding for each breakpoint.

I make custom blocs and save them, then when I add a standard bloc it already has the classes and padding adjusted to each breakpoint.



oh darn, but great work around idea…Thanks once again Casey!

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Hi @DanielF

What @casey1823 said :slight_smile: I have a video about it here:


Eldar – Thanks so much, now it makes sense.

Question: what is the ‘device selection’ page you are using in the video?

It’s the Responsive Design Mode in Safari browser.


brilliant…didn’t know that existed…thanks

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