Block has developed a glitch?

Just opened a previously working project to find a ‘glitch’…

My parallax images have disappeared, but Blocs knows what they should be, and they are in my Assets folder and Assets Manager.

I’ve re-imported the images to Assets Manager, no change.

I’ve just reinstalled Blocs, no change.

Any ideas?


UPDATE - the same on my other Mac, and my saved ‘safety’ versions all ask for the assets to be re-imported.

Was this project created with 2.4 or an earlier version? There may be an issue with the background classes that I can fix from my end. Would you be able to get me access to the .bloc file so I can take a look?

Hi Norm,

I’ve just reopened the project, all parallax images are still missing bar one, so no change… but when I Opt+Com+B they are all there!

It was created with previous versions and is currently in 2.4. I reinstalled the previous version, no change.

I’ll dig out your email address and send you file.


This is bizarre Norm - in addition to the parallax issue, neither of my two published Blocs sites will scroll on my MacBook, with either the trackpad or fn+>.

No other websites are affected.

Sorted… there’s something about the Pouch Safari extension which doesn’t like Blocs websites, or vice-versa.

I’ve deleted it.

ah right, what is Pouch for ?

Dragons’ Den last night - it hunts down money-saving vouchers applicable to the e-website you’re browsing, Amazon etc.

Flipping wierd that it only affects Blocs websites though…

it may be something todo with bootstrap and the way it names classes.

Any luck with my main issue, the missing images?


Did you send me the file? I’m be working on it tomorrow morning in preparation with Blocs 2.4.1 beta build 3

This problem seems to be similar to the one I have on HighSierra.


Shall I send it again?

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O it’s cool, I was sure I saw it before I left the office.