Blocked Serialnumber - SOLVED


When I try to activate my blocs that I bought in 2015-10-28 it says that my serial number is blocked.
I haven’t had a Mac for a while and now I bought my new iMac and wanted to start with blocks again but I can’t register it.

What can I do to get this resolved and why have my serial number got blocked ? :frowning:


Hi @Mike,

make sure you are using the license number with the correct version of Blocs. A Blocs v1 license will not work with Blocs v2 and vice versa.

Hi @Norm

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t upgraded my blocs yet to V2 and I have version 1.6.2 (57) installed on my iMac but I still can’t use my serial number

Regards Mike

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@Mike I’ve sent you a direct message so I can collect some details from you.

I am trying to upgrade from Blocs 2 to 3 from a new Mac and it is saying my license number is blocked. Can you help?

Hey did you just reach out on twitter too?

Hi Norm, Yes I did. Had’t realised I could get hold of you here.

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Did you try this with your version 2 license number?

I only have a version 2 license number. I haven’t been able to upgrade yet. I wanted to install my blocs 2 on my new mac so that I could upgrade. that’s when I got the blocked message.

Yes I deactivated the old machine already.

Did you install Blocs 2 from here:

Blocs 3 wont take a Blocs 2 license number.

I managed to get it sorted now. Thanks

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