Blocs 2.3.1 Bugs - again

Hey @Norm,

I’ve found again some bugs relating to October CMS and Blocs in general:

1.October CMS specific. Colour problems.

– how I want it to be in Blocs preview

– in the web browser

2.In general as an addition to the file I already gave you. The first picture is created in Blocs preview, the second in the web browser. Blocs creates giant (really, you scroll forever) white room for what is in preview empty space.

– Blocs Preview

– iPhone view

Switch off full screen Blocs, there’s a bug I’m working on that effects Bloc groups with full screen height blocs. That’s the ones that don’t preview correctly in your project.

Are you using the beta? Try exporting as a normal HTML page to see if you get the colour problems.