Blocs 2.4.0 Beta not running correctly Mac

Having real issues with the new Blocs 2.4.0 Beta on my MacBook Pro! on loading any of my websites I am faced with missing images that haven’t loaded correctly. On trying to re-establish missing sections of the site all I get is the curser displaying the image on the site from Asset Manager, but it won’t insert anything leaving blank spaces. Anyone else having the same issue?

What build are you using?

Using Blocs v2.3.2 at present that works fine except with new sections of the site depending on Beta version of Blocs this is a nightmare until you or Apple get your acts together and remedy this problem. Most people are solving this by using a Mac mini, but unfortunately I only have a MacBook Pro running on macOS version10.12.5. I have contacted you about this issue several times but only get we are unable to give details regarding this known issue as we are still waiting for a response from Apple.

Have you tried beta build 14?

Remember, this is the beta. The updates and fixes are coming very fast for 2.4, I’d say our act is together.


Then your fixes and updates are not addressing the main issue leaving a gaping hole in the Blocs program. This is not a personal issue with you Norm! but is an issue with a vast amount of users that have spent time and money only to be left hanging over technical issue with a program that does’nt concern them. Apple or Blocs I don’t really care, the problem is causing users to question the integrity of the Blocs program in general.That’s why you need to get your act together and to address this issue first and foremost.

Please give it a rest. I see no one here other than yourself questioning the integrity of Blocs. You’re using a ‘beta’; the modern day definition of that adjective is “unfinished; the developer is not yet confident everything will behave as designed”.


Like I stated before this is the beta, so you should expect bugs and problems. When the beta finishes, we move into release candidates and after that, 2.4 will finally be a public release. It’s a process I invite everyone to get involved in, not all companies do this but I think it’s a good way to get the software as stable as possible before it’s classed as a stable release. Blocs 2.4 is still in beta, so it’s not stable yet.

Anyway, we have established you still have a problem, let’s dig in and see why.

If I remember correctly, you are loading assets from an external drive. Blocs 2.4 build 12+ introduced a fix for this, it’s been tested numerous times on different Macs at our end including various MBP’s and works fine, we also have various reports from other users that state 2.4 build 12+ addresses the missing asset issues.

It obviously appears this is not the case for you. I’ll need more info on your setup so I can get to the bottom of this.

Just to confirm the following.

• You are using Blocs 2.4 beta build 14.
• You have the Blocs beta installed on your main HD in the Applications folder.
• You are loading any assets from an external drive that is connected to your machine via a port.

It could be one of the above doesn’t match your setup.

I’ve just emailed you, lets get this fixed via email, as I may need some details and files.

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