Blocs 2.4 Beta Build 3 - New Form Controls and Lightbox touch support


New In Build 3
I finished off some of the new form features I didn’t get done in time for the initial release. You can now set the form subject via the sidebar and also control what happens after a form is posted. You can re-direct to a URL or another page in your project or simply show the success message as before.

Oh, I also reworked the touch support so it now works on the light box too.

Known Bugs in Build 3
• Scroll and zoom issue on smaller screens sizes 13" MBP - Still working on a solution for this, hopefully I will crack it for build 4 tomorrow.

After many months of hard work, Blocs 2.4 is ready for it’s beta testing phase. Unlike previous beta’s, Im going to come right out with it and state… expect bugs and glitches in the first few builds here as a lot has changed under the hood.

The amount of changes to the code base in this release is pretty big it could actually be version 3 of Blocs, changes have been made to almost every aspect of the app so don’t use this for mission critical work and keep backups of everything.

New Builds will come thick and fast (2 builds within 24hrs already) over the first 2 weeks so keep the feedback in app or in this thread so I don’t miss it.

How to create a page template?
Design a page and then go to the Main Menu > Page > Add to Template Library

How to export a template?
Design a page and then go to the Main Menu > File > Export As > Page Template

How to install a template?
Open Blocs and then double click the template .bex file via finder.

How to uninstall a template?
You can remove templates from the page library screen that is shown when you first start a project and when you add a new page to a project.

Where are the column collapse controls?
As they are targeted for tablet and mobile they only show on these view modes. So select a row and then switch to tablet and you should see the column collapse controls.

Download Blocs 2.4 beta build 3

If the link is slow, you can try the dropbox link here



woooow within 24 hours… NEW and great fixes! we ask, you create! (I didn’t even had time to test build 2 hahahah) Thanks Norm!


@Norm now it’s totally broken, when I try scrolling to left and right. :frowning:


What version of OSX are you using?


Maccy since it looks like this issue is limited to yourself and a few others. I’ll email you and we can try and get to the bottom of this via DMs.


Thanks for the touchable lightbox. :slight_smile:

Found some issue with lightbox.
Open the same file.
Left side: 2.3.1 final
Right Side: 2.4.0 beta build3

2.4.0 beta build 3 switch the mobile view. (Half screen. 2.3.1 still desktop view.)
Alternative image information disappeared.
Gallery name information disappeared.