Blocs 2.5.0 Beta Build 3


No crash on 2.4.5.


Could you DM me the file please.


Just sending via wetransfer right now … and done.


Ok so I just opened your project with 2.5 beta build 4 and it opened fine, no crash.

Try build 4 when its available and let me know if it continues to happen. Hopefully its fixed.


This looks like a class issue, I think I can see the text in the button but its really small. Any chance of sending me that file so I can take a look please.


Thanks Norm, I´ll wait and tell you.


This issue is now fixed and ready for the next build.


Bulk import of hosted videos already works?


Sorry missed this one earlier. Yes it seems to, but the process is a bit disjointed in that you first have to select “Local File”, but having done that, you can locate bulk asset videos just like the images.


I just select add hosted assets in bulk and input any urls images, mp4s etc.


If you have a video bloc in place and want to add a video you have to select local as the source. I think it would make more sense if that said hosted or something similar to differentiate between what is on the server and what is local on the computer.


Oh right I see


I’m wondering if there is a different way of wording this so that it doesn’t cause confusion now we have the option of server hosted assets. In practice it makes no difference to Blocs, but new users might be looking for a menu option that allows the selection of server hosted assets. How about Local/Hosted as opposed to Vimeo/Youtube?


It defo needs adjusting. I’ll change it to what you suggested for now, unless anyone else has a better idea.


Maybe Local and Remote would work. I think Hosted may be confusing for some and as I understand it, the assets can either be located on your Mac, i.e. a local asset or on a Remote location not on your Mac, i.e. a Remote Server


yeah thats better!