Blocs 2.5.1 Beta Build 1


Blocs 2.5.1 beta build 1.

This build mainly focuses on fixes for some of the new features added in 2.5.0.

Don’t forget to hard reload the beta page incase your cache blocks it.

Download Blocs 2.5.1

Known Issue

Duplicate page doesn’t work.


Norm Any update on pulse 5 compatibility?


It’s still being worked on, it’ll come very soon.


Norm, is there going to be a upgrade to the latest 2.5 release being this focus on 2.5 bugs? I see it’s a beta and was just wondering about using the beta version for my projects?



Always be cautious with betas, that said because betas tend to fix issues, in some cases they can be more stable than the official release at times.

Nothing major has changed in this build since 2.5.0, it just fixes a bunch of things, mainly todo with external drives and assets.

But my advice as always is, keep backups, with any app regardless of beta status or not :wink:


Hi Norm,
I have noticed creating new page by duplicate one in this beta build is not working. When I was trying to create new page by duplicate it was creating a new one with menu only, without any content.
Please check this issue.



Ok I’ll take a look


Yeah this is a bug, It’s all fixed and ready for 2.5.1 build 2 (Tuesday)

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