Blocs 2.5.2 + Pulse 5.1 b1


Coolio! :sunglasses: I’ve been away for a few days, so eager to finalise my sample site and start recording videos for my clients. Is there a new Blocs beta for me to download and test yet? Or is that on its way?


Hi @Norm. Any idea when your next release with the file download and other fixes will be available? Cheers!


Did you update to 2.6? that version has been released now.


I’m using Blocs–2.6.0-beta-build-7. Did I miss an announcement? :roll_eyes:

I’ve just opened Blocs 2.5.2 and got the update notifications. Going to test this with Michael’s new version of Pulse CMS 5.1 over the next couple of days.

Will let you know how I fare!

Thanks :+1:t2:


No announcement for this release, I had to get it out a little earlier than I liked due to GDPR so it’s more of a silent rollout so I can keep on top of the potential issues. 2.6.1 is almost ready.


WooHoo!!! Success!!

Updated Blocs earlier then opened my existing file and exported it as a Pulse 5 theme. I then downloaded @pulsecms new 5.1 version. Took a backup of my so-so site, then deleted everything from the server. Did a complete fresh install of Pulse5.1 CMS, white labelled it, then installed my Blocs template files. Copied the blogposts from the backup I took, to the site and bingo!

Everything works perfectly now. Linked images, file downloads, links to files, no space above the footer from the back to top button. Most excellent!

Thanks for bearing with me, and for all the work you’ve put into resolving the technical challenges we’ve had over the past couple of months.


Hi @Norm. Now that I’ve got my Blocs site working in @pulsecms, I’ve spent quite a bit of time testing it, and comparing it with the version I have in CushyCMS. The only glitch that I’ve found with the Pulse CMS site is with the contact form.

In the Cushy site, when I hit the SUBMIT button, a thanks message appears, the page remains where it is, and the message emails successfully to me.

In the Pulse CMS site, when I hit the SUBMIT button, no thanks message appears, the page refreshes back to the top, and the email isn’t sent.

I’m going to dig around in the PulseCMS dashboard and see if I can resolve this there, but I’m simply making you and Michael aware of this issue.



It could be a path issue, let me know if you find anything.


Derek’s form is pointing to /template/:

<form template-path="/template/" id="edinburgh_page_form_1" novalidate success-msg="Thanks! Your message has been successfully sent to us. We&rsquo;ll read it and respond to it as soon as we can." fail-msg="Sorry it seems that our mail server is not responding, Apologies for the inconvenience! However, you can always telephone [gawr-juhs] on +44 131 226 1464.">

Is that correct? :slight_smile:

It seems all other paths in the rendered page look right…so can’t confirm path issue yet!


Hi @Norm and @pulsecms. I’m finally getting around to looking at this issue properly. I can’t reply on the Pulse CMS forum anymore, as the thread was automatically closed after 14 days… but thankfully this one is still live.

Looking at the file structure, the edinburgh_page_form_1.php file resides in the “includes” directory, which is inside the “template” one. I’ve amended the code in the edinburgh-page-contact-form.txt (Block) to read <form template-path="/template/includes/" but this had no effect.

As I’m wanting to include contact forms for clients in sites built in Blocs and then hosted via Pulse CMS, I need to try and resolve what’s going on here. Do either of you have any thoughts? Have any of the recent Blocs app updates addressed this issue? I’ve yet to try exporting me site as a Pulse 5 theme again.

Many thanks.


Hello @DerekDigital. I’m going to download a trial of Pulse and play around with it for a week. Any advice to the new user? I’ve taken a look at your (very clean :slight_smile: ) site and the blog section is exactly the sort of thing I’ll be looking to incorporate to my blocs project via Pulse.

Thanks for your time.


Thanks @DerekDigital !

Could you send in (DM link here to a dropbox file etc would be fine) a zip of the whole site so we can see the code references and see what is going on?

Thanks @sim - let us know how you get on with the trial and a Blocs made site + Pulse Blog is a great idea and a popular use of the integration
There’s more on Blogs + Blocs here:

Let us know if you have anymore questions!


Hello @sim. My only advice is to keep the structure and content of your site simple :wink: It has taken me a little while to get Blocs and Pulse 5 to work together, but now I’m really happy with the way that my DerekDigital test site looks and performs.

Good luck with your new site.