Blocs 2.5 is now available



If this works!
One window for each view in Blocs (PC, Tablet and iPhone)
and I can upload it just as well after editing… great!

Thanks for the answer!

The advertising man who makes the video is really good.
Don’t swap him.

I and many people who want to put their site online fail because of the interchangeable design between desktop, tablet and smartphone.
That’s why I chose Blocs.
And for all these 08/15 users it would be nice to have a clear view, switch to the PC, tablet or smartphone view… and can edit them without thinking about the desktop view - because it is excluded from editing.

Last PPS, is actually addressed to Norm.
With all due respect!


Solis looks interesting, especially if you want to check things quickly. I suspect it will benefit from a larger display or even a dual screen setup, so you still have plenty of space to work with Blocs.


Dear Norm!

I’m not good at English.
But the most important wish point in Blocs for me is:
3 views, desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Where I can work independently.
That is to say:
What I change in the desktop view,
does not affect the tablet or smartphone - and vice versa.

Or rather,
that I have the possibility to select and edit the 3 views
without thinking about the other one.

All this I do in Blocs…
but more and more difficult for beginners to understand.

That would be great- the greatest!.
Thank you so much!

I hope I have finally made myself clear!


Unfortunately that approach would create 3 separate sites, 3 separate sets of data, it kind of defeats the point of responsive web design.


Thanks for the answer…
I just wanted the easiest way to go,
not just for me.

Video, audio, pictures and tables,
in a respectable form,
more people usually don’t want more…
and this in selection.
Only the problem of the devices remains.

As a private individual, I can’t propose more than that.
So it remains a sneezing product.
Well, I like it.


Unless I am misunderstanding your statements, doesn’t this desired workflow already exist in Blocs ?

See the corresponding documentation:


I think if you understand the workflow you will have and can do what you desire, as described in those 2 links.


Edit: This problem has now gone away. I closed Blocs, started a new project, and it worked. So I went back to the project it wasn’t working for, and now it works. The preview item is now in the View menu. I thought I’d leave this here, however, in case anyone else experiences it.

Old post:
I’ve updated to Blocs 2.5.0 and just noticed that preview mode within Blocs is not working for me. I feel like I must be missing something simple since I use “v” to toggle to preview all the time and now it just gives an error beep. I see no menu way to switch to preview mode.



3 simple views that do not influence each other.
That’s what I wished for.
What’s so hard to understand about that wish?!

I don’t want to be ignorant, because I like blocs,
but I believe that’s what many fail…
that they don’t know what those three distinctions mean.


Do you understand the workflow in the 2 links posted above from the documentation? Why does this approach not work for you?


And at some point, someone’s doing a three-point program,
because it’s obvious…

what’s wrong with that?

Dear @Blocs_User

And …
don’t tell me what I can do in Blocs, I know that.
It was about improvements for new, simple users.


I appears we are not understanding each other, but best regards concerning your wishes. Also you should of made a thread in the feature request section and not instead take over this announcement thread.

Don’t worry I wont comment with you again. :wink:



Well then… wrong way.
I apologize, sir.


A few months ago it was easier to write what you want as a user.
There was no need for smart-asses…

Still, as a wish:
3 views that don’t influence each other - for beginners!



How is posting about the workflow to accomplish what you desire across the 3 devices being a smart ass?

Can you express what does not work for you with that approach? Because all you do is keep repeating the same thing.


Can you understand, what three windows mean to laymen?
I don’t think so…
Therefore, good night!


:roll_eyes: I guess that confirms you can’t express why the current workflow described in those two provided links does not work for you. But best wishes with things.


Yes, I understand this…
Cover yourself in your complacency,
or what was the synonym for… exactly!


Loving how parallax now works across multiple blocs. That alone made my day.


@ Blocs_User

You don’t understand,
what ordinary people want,
why they choose a program.

Feel good… when @Norman means his target with you -good.
I don’t think so.


So far so good
my wish stands…

3 windows that do not affect each other.
For the stupid ones to upload - like me.

Thank you very much,
to the really important!