Blocs 2.5 is now available


Just a quick note to say Blocs 2.5.0 is now available.

Thanks to everyone who helped test it, you Rock!


That’s excellent news. Dare I ask what is the planned trajectory for new versions. Will there be a 2.6 and 2.7 etc or will beta testing for version 3 start in the next month or two?


Well done Norm!


Im not sure yet, but there will definitely be more updates for V2 that Im sure off.


Congratulations on your version @norm


There appears to have been an issue with the start screen icon not showing correctly on none retina screens, some kind of compile issue.

Anyway its all fixed if you re-run the updater you will get the latest version of 2.5.0 that includes that fix.


The release notes for 2.5 is a mighty impressive long list of significant stuff. Congratulations.


Norm, the startup screen is good but the Blocs Icon still show 2.3 in my dock. Im using non retina screen.



Did you update your dock copy of Blocs?


Yes, even in my app folder it still says 2.3? I updated inside the app. I deleted the dock app and dragged a new one on.

08 PM



You must have changed the name yourself. Just rename the app back Blocs. We don’t include the version number in the app title for the mainline releases.


I love it.
Great work!


Still my favorite program,
since it can also be understood after a break.
This is what Mac applications are for me.
But I can only repeat,
some of my friends who would like to use the program
are overwhelmed by the English language.
You would have more success if you translated it into several languages.

Norman and Team, thank you for your great, continuous work.

With best regards from Germany,


Sometimes I also struggle with english expressions.
I often give up implementing certain functions because I can’t understand how.


I don’t think you’re alone in this.
Thx, for the answer.

Language and problem, unfortunately, will then double.

I don’t know how far your HTML knowledge goes,
but Eldar’s videos keep me going after a break.



With all the great new things - I always learn with it,
my decision for the program was the simplicity for 08/15 users like me.
A Mac application for people who are not web designers
but still want to put their profession online - Responsive.

Don’t lose this way…
the complicated programs already exists.

With respectful reverence,
Thomas ; -)


I’ve just pushed a few tweaks to 2.5 to address an few little issues.

If you already updated to 2.5 just re-run the built in updater in Blocs to pull down the latest version fo 2.5.


Dear Norman,
because I am trying to renew my site again, after half a year,
I would like to express some naive wishes to you.

I would like to have a clear window-view for desktop, tablet and iPhone,
where I can work and change without much background knowledge.
What I see than there in the editing, for desktop, tablet or iPhone, I can then upload without hesitation.

I know, too complex for all circumstances…
but I wrote about wishing.

Thank you for thinking.

I suggested your update to and…
maybe they’ll accept the suggestion.


Totally agreed.


@vandieck I think Solis coming later this month could be what you want. No idea yet about price or other details.