Blocs 2023 Recap πŸ•£

2023 has been one of our most productive years to date. We delivered a huge number of new features and improvements to Blocs for Mac 5, released Blocs for iPad and also published a range of new Blocs training materials.

To celebrate such a productive year, we created a 2023 recap promo video that showcases some of the best new features and improvements we released in the last 12 months!

I also wrote a recap blog post that goes into a little more detail about all of our work this year.

Thanks to all of you, for your continued support and special thanks to all of the brave souls who help to test each beta release of Blocs. :purple_heart:

P.S. Next year is going to be a special one :wink:


Another great year for Blocs! Well done @Norm @Helen and the Cazoobi team! :clap::clap::clap:

Looking forward to 2024 :eyes:


Blocs 5 is a comprehensive app that offers greater control over β€˜div layer’ and animation, enabling users to build stunning websites without any coding knowledge.

Thanks a lot, @Norm, @Helen, and the Cazoobi team!