Blocs 3.0.6 & Pulse 5.2


This post is a heads-up for @Norm and @pulsecms. Today I decided to fix my derekdigital website, that my ISP kindly broke for me a couple of weeks ago.

It’s the first opportunity I’ve had to use Pulse 5.2 - which I white labelled and uploaded to my server. I then converted my old Blocs 2.x file to a Blocs 3.0.6 one, reworked one or two elements that needed fixing, before exporting the site as Pulse 5 theme.

I then uploaded the files in the Content and Template folders generated by Blocs to the right locations in Pulse. When I launched the site everything looked great, even the swiper bric worked as expected, and the slow speed issue that my ISP had introduced, had been resolved.

However, I then discovered that the main navigation doesn’t work. Pulse 5.2 can’t find the pages created within Blocs. Interestingly, URL links to external sites that I’ve added into the footer do work.


For anyone following this thread, on a suggestion by @Norm I’ve downloaded the Pulse 5.2.1 update and installed that, but still the main navigation doesn’t work.

Looking at the files through the Pulse Admin dashboard, everything seems to be there. The correct URLs are being displayed for the links, but my browser simply can’t find the pages.


Hi @DerekDigital

Thanks for sharing - will be useful to know the outcome.