Blocs 3.2x Eldar's overview of New Updates

Thanks to our friend and Blocs Master @Eldar for summarising the new additions and updates to Bloc 3.2x. Let all give some respect to him, he does so much for all of us.
Oh, and of course none of this would happen with the Master Blocs developer @Norm. Here is the man who gets all our complaints and is constantly working on making Blocs 3 the very best it can be!
Wow, I just saw this link in a different post. Look at the cost of keeping this Forum up and running. Thank you so much, Norm. :grinning: You Rock!

Eldar’s tutorials and templates


Just to be clear, those prices are directly through Discourse. But as stated in the other thread Norm is using Discourse Hosting which is a separate 3rd party provider offering considerably cheaper rates.

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