Blocs 3.4.1 is now available

Hey everyone,

Blocs 3.4.1 is now available, as some of you may have noticed the beta testing didn’t last long for this release. Usually I will beta test for a few weeks but 3.4.1 patches a number of issues that caused Blocs to crash when loading older projects and saving them so it was pretty critical patch that I needed to get out in the wild asap.

If you do have some kind of disastrous experience with 3.4.1, you can download the older versions of Blocs 3 here.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for anything critical and may release 3.4.2 in beta before the weekend if required.


Thanks, Norm, I’ve had a few strange lockups. Nothing bad just some weird stuff.
I will say that the new scroll to the asset has some disadvantages. In theory, it sounds great but if you create a custom gallery Bloc or duplicate a gallery it can be a pain.

Let’s say I duplicate a 12 image gallery to a new page. Then import 12 new images. When I click on the old image the asset manager it scrolls to the old image and then I have to scroll all the way to the top of the asset manager to choose a new image. I wonder if there is any way you could add a checkbox in the program preference (like view in place) to turn this off?

Just some feedback…


Good feedback. Stay tuned!

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Blocs 3.4.2 will introduce a way to disable this via the main application prefs :beers:


That’s sweet. Much appreciated. Your guest show up yet?


Not sure what you mean?

I thought Eldar was coming to visit?

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Ah yes, he is. But I wont see him until a few weeks from now.