Blocs 3.4.3 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs V3.4.3 beta build 2, this build addresses a few initial issues with embedding Hype Projects. Please note, the Hype Embed Bric has also been updated, so I would recommend opening Extension Manager and re-installing, if that fails for some reason you can get a direct download from the docs link below.

Hype Embed Bric Updates
I’ve improved the Hype Embed Bric so it now populates a dropdown with currently available Hype projects. I have also added a playback trigger function which means you can control when the Hype animation is triggered. This also includes a very cool sync with scroll option, which will sync the Hype animation playback with the page scroll!

Please delete Hype Embed Brics from page and then add them new once updated.

The save function has had some work in this release to make it more robust, so please use backups at this early beta stage. It’s been pretty solid with in house testing but it’s a beta so be prepared.

Hype Support
I’ve made some improvements that make working with Hype animations a lot more streamlined. I’ve prepared some documentation for those interested in using Hype and Blocs together.

Please note the Hype realtime timeline previewing requires Hype 4.0.3 which is not out until next week, so you can’t test the realtime previewing yet of open Hype documents in Blocs, but you can embed normal exported Hype animations for now.

Anyway, Have Fun.

Download Blocs 3.4.3 Beta Build 2


What are the names of these new brics? If I search for hype nothing appears. If I scroll through and look for them I can’t find them.

Scrolling the extension manager when checking for updates is still causing a crash. I can send a report if you wish.

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Sure thing.

Hype embed, Hype preview.

They are not there. I’ll send you a PM with the crash code.

did you download them and installed?? They don’t come preinstalled with blocs

Yeah you need to install them, they are not built in.

OK I have those now. Wouldn’t it make sense having these installed by default?

Not everyone uses Hype. It’s nice that features are optional for those that require them.


@Norm, Very nice
Thank you :+1::+1::+1:

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With the list bric if I have say ten items and decide to make that 5 I now have to manually remove each additional list item one by one and I am pretty sure it wasn’t like that before.

EDIT: OK I see what it happening. It works like before if the list is empty, but not if there is a paragraph bric inside.

I don’t know if this would be easy to achieve, but when manually dragging the preview width narrower and wider it would be very cool if the change in breakpoint was reflected in the colour icons above as you move across each breakpoint.

It would be a nice touch having that kind of instant feedback when checking the breakpoint transitions. At the moment you can drag it from super wide LG to really narrow and the icon always shows LG.

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These new Brics are only working in the Beta?

Love this integration. So happy it’s here! Thanks!

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Yes. It requires under the changes.

Me too, hype 4.0.3 dropped today so you can now use the live preview which is pretty cool!


Famous! Although adding Blocs support is considered a bug fix. :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Oh yeah, oh well :joy:

There is a longstanding glitch where duplicating a bloc with a form to another page leads to the consent switch being blocked. This can be fixed by flicking to checkbox and back again, however this is easily missed and I imagine some are uploading websites without even knowing that forms will not work. This also happens at times when simply duplicating a page with a form.