Blocs 3 - asset manager shows no images

Just downloaded the trial version to take a peek.

Opened (a copy of) an existing project:

  • Asset Manager shows no images
  • The canvas shows no images


  • Asset Manager’s “Show in Finder” locates the images correctly
  • Preview shows the images correctly

Opened and closed Blocs 3 several times, even rebooted Mac, no change.

Any ideas?

Hi Ian,

I had the same problem till I re-booted for a third time.

Problem resolved…


Try placing and running Blocs from your applications directory. Just rename it to Blocs 3.

Thanks Norm, another re-boot solved it, fingers crossed!

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Out of interest where are you running the app from?

My Applications folder, though it disappeared after the first re-boot and I had to download it again.

Maybe your Mac is possessed…

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