Blocs 3 Form Problems please help

On the Home page of there is a Form.
Name, @, #, Company, Address, City, ST, Zip & Message (Standard and Number are the settings)
Blocs is exporting Standard as Email! Why?
This is what was returned when I filled it out. Why?

You have received a new message.

Name_36765: Web Builder
Email_36765: 91979
Email_36765: 91979
Email_36765: 91979
Email_36765: 91979
Email_36765: 91979
Email_36765: 91979
Email_36765: 91979
Message_36765: Checking out the Form on a2mContractors
Optin_36765: true

Also, can I have the same Form (same ID) on all pages?

That’s very strange. It should be something like:


You cannot have the same form ID on all pages or indeed the same form field IDs. Blocs will tell you it is being used elsewhere. In an instance like this I would try building the form again from scratch (even partially) and testing again. If you still have problems check with the web host.

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Check out this forum link: Incoming Email formatting question

Give the form input items semantic ID’s these are the automated ones that are generated.

Thanks, I was just thinking of doing just that. It’s going to be a pain which is why I went to the Forum. Correctly me please (@Norm, @Eldar, @Flashman ) if what I did caused the problem. I made the Home page that has the Custom Form. Then made the new pages giving them names like Services… Because I did not want to make the Form several times I simply duplicated the Home page.
Before I make any changes I’ll wait for your answer to this question.

I appreciate the link you sent @DanielF. It’s really helpful.

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Love the Blocs Forum! It’s so cool how so many come to help.

@Flashman I’m looking forward to trying this easy solution. :smile:

Easy solution to that one. Click on the form, then locate the input field, so that would be the white areas you see below the labels for name etc. Look in the side panel on the right hand side at the very top where it says Field and change the ID to whatever you like.
After a fresh upload your emails should come through with the right labels. The only caveat here is that Blocs won’t allow multiple items to share the same ID, so if you had a website with half a dozen forms you might need to rename those to something like name: or name- etc. I wish there was a way around that for forms.

I had assumed you had already done that and still seeing weird results.

If you want to use the same form on different pages you should be able to simply duplicate the bloc to the other pages. You will probably have to change some of the IDs slightly like I mentioned in my first reply, because Blocs doesn’t like multiple items with the same ID in a project.

In this instance I do something like contact-form on one page, then contact_form on a different page or alternatively name it after the page. You can do something similar on the field IDs as well. Whatever works best for you really. You will seen see if anything needs to be corrected after sending through a test email.

Okay, it’s time to escalate the exporting problem/glitch with the newest version of Blocs 3. I did exactly what @Flashman suggested above. Exported and as you can see and there are still (637 Bytes)

The only way I could get this to work editing each ID.
I then edited the exported HTML, which I shouldn’t have to do, for “company” (standard setting)
It’s getting closer, but Blocs 3 is still exporting “company” as a email.
I just don’t get it. Why would Blocs do this @Norm ?


You have received a new message.

Name: Allen Fisher
Phone: 6198283110
Address: P.O. Box 2423
City: Spring Valley
State: CA
Zip: 91979
Message: Testing a2m Form
Offers: false

I just thought maybe the JS file is producing this. I really don’t know, but it is frustrating.

It looks like you have left the input ID for email as Email_36765 as shown in the exported code <input id="email_36765" class="form-control" />

I am not sure why you have that strange button inside the phone number field. That submit button and the alignment of the fields look noting like a form created in Blocs.


That’s some Blocs 3 is doing when it exports.

KBConcepts – The ‘phone’ input field shows that little selector because you used the ‘number’ option in the right sidebar for that input field.

I did this myself thinking that ‘number’ meant ‘phone number’ but it doesn’t, what it does is gives the user an option to incrementally enter a numerical ‘number’ for that field…a bit of vernacular confusion in the U.I. which perhaps Norm can add to his list to change.

Just replace the option of ‘number’ with ‘standard’ in the right sidebar and at least that bit should be fixed…


Thank you I did not know that. @DanielF that was really helpful

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