Blocs 3 horizontal columns on mobile view removed

i just relized that the option that alow view columns on mobile horizontaly is removed,
did someone found it in other way
@Norm please add this featcher ASAP please :disappointed_relieved:


I’ve had a lot of requests for this, and it was brought up during beta too, I just didn’t have time. I’ll bring it back early next year, Im just working on stability over the next 4 weeks.

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Thanks a lot for this great work,
i just want to let you know, that customizing diffrent breakpoint views is not working as it normaly should be,
for example when i customize text size on sm it chages on all other breakpoints and it creates a weird costume clases.
i hope you fix it if it’s an issue or i miss understant somthing?

i’m really impressed how you make other things works, like the accordion, very nice work.
Best Regards.

How are you customising?

On Blocsapp, for exemple i set a lower text size for sm

Is this with a migrated Blocs v2 project?

No, i installed the new blocs 3 from scratch and started a new project, fully based on blocs 3.

I found some arbitrary column arrangement on this version. On mobile layout some blocs stack, other blocs give me 2 cols and one below. But others I get 4 on the same row (very tiny) and then 2 cols below. How can I control this?