Blocs 3 is coming 🎉


It’s official, Blocs 3 is on its way and will be in your hands before the end of 2018. I wrote a little blog post for a trip down memory lane.


WOW!!! I was amazed of the timeline blog hehe… Blocs 3 will be the best version so far! Good job @Norm excited to build more amazing websites with it :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your story!

I have also written my story about finding Blocs and how it has changed what I do every day. I am going to post it on my blog soon!

Looking forward to the release of Blocs 3! I am sure it will be an even better tool for many people out there!



Thanks Norm, many of us have been Blocs users from Version 1. It’s a great community and I continue to learn more with all the new features you’ve added.

I must say that you are really responsible for the growth. Not just your talent but your willingness to listen and help the community grow. I’m looking forward to Blocs 3 and beyond.

Thank you!


Whoa you totally missed out on your first employee, that guy was a really cheap hire. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But in all seriousness, congratulations on all that you have accomplished regarding Blocs and all that you have embarked on from the initial thought. I look forward to the continued advancements as the story moves forward.


Excited about what is next to come in V3. Sure is a trip down memory lane seeing all these different versions throughout the years. Can only say: Keep up that good work @Norm! And keep this community going like it is to all the other peeps involved.


Great news :+1::+1:, I hope the improvements and fixes of Blocs V3 :grinning: :wave:t2: keep the good work


Wow, that was really cool seeing the history of Blocs from the beginning. I built my first website in 1991, like you I knew hardly anything, but have had an interest in HTML ever since. I’ve tried or used just about every program or online web builder there is. Norm, out of all of them Blocs is the coolest, easiest, well with a little tweaking, responsive web builder developed. We all know you have so many countless hours into Bloc, but you’re always there when we need help. The support from the Forum is has been great! We’re all grateful for@Eldar with his astounding Tutorials and Templates. His desire for us all to succeed using Blocs has truly encouraged us to stay the course. Thanks for all of you that have aided us in the Forum. I wish you all the very best. Version 3! :grinning:


@Norm shut up and take my money! :grinning::joy::money_with_wings::moneybag: can’t wait for the update.
and thank you for sharing the story. a good read.


@Norm, thank you for sharing your story creating blocs. Very nice read :grinning:


Norm, wouldn’t it be a good idea to add in the export options of the site, export as Wordpress Theme? :thinking:


Great history lesson on the evolution of Blocs!
Good things are about to come and the future is looking even brighter :nerd_face:

I think many have quite different ways how they found Blocs.
Personally i searched for some middle ground app that wasn’t to messy or complicated for my simple needs.
I found Muse ridiculous and Edge Reflow was promising but there was still not the ease of building and yet have customizing control, and finally they stopped develop it.

I also stumble upon Pingendo website builder which had the ease of building but lacked the control and customizing control. I looked at WebFlow and Pinegrow which both seemed more than competent… and yet to complex and not as fast and visual as i wanted.

I then suddenly happened to find some link to some app called Blocs.
Looked at some videos and tested the trial and boom, that was exactly what i was looking for.
Quick and easy to build and yet quite a lot customization control.
Ok not the power of WebFlow or Pinegrow but instead speed freedom and the joy of get shit done the way i wanted. Much more fun and productive.

And it just keeps getting better and better,



@Norm is there any chance Blocs 3 will have Custom Class tweaking for Animation?
If would be really cool to have more custom choices so we could use animation for text or just about any object.

This is cool!


@Norm, we’re all super excited for v3! I really enjoyed reading about the history of Blocs. You’ve come an awfully long ways in a very short period of time! I was fortunate enough to see an ad for Blocs on Mighty Deals. I’d been searching for a more of a WYSIWYG IDE like this for a long time. I tried a different one which was similar in concept, but never could get it properly installed on my computer, so finally just gave up. Suffice it to say, it was NOT user-friendly and if installation was that complicated, then surely USING the software would I’m sure have been similarly unpleasant and prone to much hair-pulling and eyeball gouging. I saw the ad for Blocs, checked out the video, was immediately excited and blown away by the possibilities of the concept and puchased it. What hooked me was your promo videos. I’m a DESIGNER first. I did earn a degree in IT-Software Development, but coding doesn’t come naturally for me, where visual design DOES. I quickly dove into the Blocs world and purchased @Eldar’s video series and template sets. After a few weeks of research and practice, I began building client sites. Despite some occasional yips here and there, I found that the Blocs community, Eldar and you have been incredibly gracious and responsive, so any issues I’ve had along the way have been worked through successfully. I’ve now built a dozen or so websites with Blocs and learn something new nearly every day. Like every other Blocs fan, I am very excited to see what’s in store with Blocs v3.0!


Cant wait!!!


If anyone is interested, check out my story (mostly about using Blocs). :slight_smile:


Hello Norm,
if i would buy Blocs now, will a have an upgrade to blocs 3 without any extra charge or not. Or should I wait buying it?!
Thank you


@Eldar, great video. I think you summed up Blocs perfectly. I’ve enjoyed your classes and you are exactly right about learning Blocs. My journey using Blocs is very similar.

I personally would like to thank you for all the help not only learning Blocs but being a positive influence on this forum.

One thing is universal in the world, if you have a passion, you can really accomplish just about anything. Your passion for helping people will lead you to things you thought you could never accomplish.

Thank You


Thanks! I always appreciate your help! :slight_smile:



cant wait for the new Blocs 3 … is there any idea if there will be upgrade costs ? and if so how much as have recently bought version 2 ?

Kind Regards