Blocs 3 is Here


I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but I tried to follow the upgrade instructions and ended up being asked to make a new Cazoobi account. Is that supposed to happen? Here’s what I did:

  1. clicked the dedicated page link in the Bloc 3 launch email
  2. As one who did not consent to marketing emails, I did as told to click the “contact us here” link so that I could request an upgrade link be sent to me
  3. That brought me to a “bug report” page with a “bug report form” at the bottom – which I found confusing since I wasn’t reporting a bug
  4. Since that was the only way I could see to complete the “contact us here” part, I filled out the bug report form and requested an upgrade link
  5. I think it was at that point that it asked me to make a new Cazoobi account – which again, confused me, because I’d already made an account when I purchased Blocs 2

Since that process seemed unnecessarily confusing, I thought I’d make this post and see if I was the only one.

Any recommendations? Just wait and see if I get the upgrade link sent?



OK, after going through with the purchase, here is part of the invoice:


The net price is 48 $.
Looks like Norm gave as another (third) discount of another 99 cent on the net price. The discount mentioned here is 51,99$.

Norm, there is an error of 1 cent for the VAT. It should be 9,12, shouldn’t it?
I hope you are not running into problems with HMRC. They can be a royal pain in the beh… neck when it comes to such tremendous amounts.



thank you @Norm – GREAT WORK. coming from adobe muse in march this year, finding blocs 2 and now getting this great update feels like i invested in the right tool. haters gonna hate, you never can please all. it is not that hard to get into new workflows. so i am excited to learn some new ways into the app. THANK YOU!!!


From my side, too: Many thanks to all the cracks and wizards

and everybody in this helpful, kind and funny community - this is truly something special!


First off, @Norm, Blocs 3 looks fantastic! I can easily see all the thought and effort that went into this major update! Seeing the many changes, caused me to realize that I need to “think outside the box” (or “bloc” in this case haha) when suggesting “wish list” items for future updates…

OK, now with regard to using Blocs 3, I do have a suggestion…

When opening an existing project file, I’d recommend making a copy of it so that you leave the Blocs 2.6.5 format intact just in case. Then open the copy (name it appropriately so you know this is Blocs 3) and you can work without worrying about having made changes you don’t want etc.


@csuhr, I agree. Great community. Very active and responsive. I’m excited to see Blocs continue to grow stronger and stronger over time. And am very excited to get building with Blocs 3!


Looks very impressive. Can Blocs 3 output Sass, or allow you to edit Sass?


Just bought it today, total newbie, been using Muse. I need a manual that I can print on paper, can’t find one, is there one?


Some recommendations:

Introduction video:

Knowledge base:

And everything from @Eldar - he’s “THE MAN” …


I went ahead and upgraded via the Blocs 2.6.5 app using Edit–>Preferences–>License and all went well, including the extra discount pricing. Thanks.


So no printed manual, PDF or so? I don’t like videos, you have to watch the whole thing, och fast forward and search, if you just wanna see a specific thing, takes forever, in a printed manual you can quickly find what you are looking for.


As far as I know there is no complete single pdf manual - BLOCS is evolving too fast (e.g. the actual big step to V3) … As a complete beginner I found the knowledge base very helpful - and - again: @Eldar ´s videos are really “on the spot” and no waste of time at all …Maybe someone else in this forum has another hint for you.


Thanks csuhr! Gonna look at Eldars videos over the weekend. I managed to build a first page with trial and error though (Lotsa error…). :slight_smile:


Eldar has the new blocs 3 coarse online now. Well worth the price.



Congrats on the new release @Norm, It’s faster and more productive without question. Saving blocs, data attributes, class organization, layer tree… There’s some real brilliance here. As I’ve said in this forum before, I don’t use Blocs to get around coding. I love coding. That said, I had put the tool away because the truth is V2 needed much of this update for me to continue following the project. V3 is indeed a huge step forward.

Feature Suggestions

Faster access to custom css/js
I’m still hoping to have much quicker access to the custom css/js fields. I’d love to see a floating panel for the custom CSS/JS and maybe a shortcut command to open the panel. Possibly even allowing the panel to easily collapse by clicking it’s title bar.

Reorder Header attachments
This is really important. In V2 this was an issue for me since day1. It’s important to be able to add new scripts and change the load order from time to time.

Please and Thank you


@Norm I agree to @Whittfield that a fast acces to the custom code fields would be very helpfull and a global area, where code can be added once for all the sites. For now I misuse the Analytics tracking for this, but it is not a ideal solution :wink:


@Norm I love the fact you ad an audio player but how do you actually ad audio to the audio player? haha sorry :yum:


Here you go.

I agree it still needs a little work on making it more user friendly.


Awesome! thank you! Yeah a more complex player would be nice!
Here a little idea :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone involved!! Just ordered Eldar’s masterclasses too… so I’ll be busy the next few weeks…